6 Amazingly Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Erections

June 12, 2015

It’s not easy to keep it hard – unless you’re a first-rate porn star who’s got the hardness going for a long time. But a strong, rock-hard erection is not totally elusive if you eat and live healthy and with great regard for your sexual wellness. Here are six amazingly simple, doable, and effective ways from Times of India to help you achieve and maintain better erections.6 Amazingly Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Erections

  1. Eat well to keep it hard. There are easy dietary adjustments you can make to significantly influence your libido or sexual desire, and to promote a harder, bigger erection. Try enhancing your consumption of foods such as eggs, bananas, figs, onions, chilis, and wine to increase your sexual prowess. Avoid junk and processed foods like the plague, as they are a surefire way to sabotage your erection.

  2. Perform penis exercises. Being sexually potent means being healthy, so think up ways to naturally increase your libido, energy levels, and overall stamina. Penis exercises like Kegel exercises are effective options because they help enhance your testosterone production in the body and help mitigate the nasty consequences of stress.

  3. Avoid smoking or excess alcohol intake. Both vices affect your sexual life negatively, to what degree we are uncertain of. It can be on the short and long terms, such as smoking affecting your blood circulation and resulting in weaker lung capacity. Alcohol, on the other hand, can numb your system and cause temporary impotence or erectile dysfunction.

  4. Refrain from masturbating excessively. Contrary to common advice, you might want to save some for your encounter with her, because too much self-pleasure can whet your sexual desire. Manage to control your urge and enjoy lasting benefits in your erections.

  5. Take the right sex positions.  For warming up, oral sex is recommended, while positions like the missionary and doggy style allow increased blood flow and therefore better erections. If you like her riding you a la cowgirl, save it for later as it’s not the most optimal position for your hardness level.

  6. Avoid using tight undergarments. Any tight underwear restricts blood flow to your penile tissues and likely affects the strength of your erections. Wear loose, airy, cotton-made garments instead.