How She Can Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

June 2, 2015

It’s safe to say that sexual fantasies are a healthy part of men – even women. In men they take on various shapes and forms, and can range from the sweet romantic to the all-out kinky and explosive. Whatever narrative you have in mind, how do you convince your lady to help fulfill these fantasies? Here’s Men’s Health lending a helping hand.

How She Can Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

  1. Start in the shallow end. Plant the idea of the fantasy in her mind and let it take root. According to the story of a 28-year-old woman named Jenny, her boyfriend badly wanted outdoor sex, such as on the beach. He didn’t pressure her and in fact did the opposite – he turned Jenny on through being a bit exhibitionistic. He’d whisper sexy things in her ear, caress her leg under the table, and paved the way for her own fantasy: a quick in an elevator. Play coy and make your woman pry your fantasy out of you.

  2. Talk before taping. Tap into the two categories of sexual arousal: reflex-based and psychogenic. More than stimulating through physical touch, go for mental stimulation and other stimuli, such as smelling her sexy perfume scent. First, enjoy talking about sex and your fantasy before you get down and dirty. It’s about arousing both her mind and body – in fact, stimulate the former and the latter will follow. For instance, to convince your girl to make a sex tape, give her control over the wardrobe and have her shop for her own choice lingerie.

  3. Make that threesome happen. While appearing to be a pop culture cliché, threesomes are actually more discussed than performed. So make it happen without making the fantasy seemed totally selfish of you. Make her the star of the whole thing, especially as it involves a supporting cast member. Clarify everything beforehand before things get awry and sensitive.

  4. Include her. Give your girl a chance to rethink her ill feelings for porn and your interest in watching it. Research backs that women have responses that are as strong as those in men, but they have to feel comfortable to overcome the taboos that make them less vocal about their preferences. Watch a sex-ed video together before porn, for instance.

  5. Let her take over. You might be amazed at what she’s actually thinking or fantasizing about. Encourage her then to share her own – it will even help dispel her guilt over them and make them speak up about them. Help her let go of anxiety first, as this is necessary before she reaches orgasm.