No Faking It: How to Give Her Real Orgasms

June 15, 2015

Women are notorious for faking it, or giving the impression that your sex moves get her off every time. But she doesn’t need to pretend anymore with these tips and techniques that will give her the real orgasms she wants and deserves. Here are expert ways you can be the ultimate instrument of her pleasure.

No Faking It: How to Give Her Real Orgasms

  1. Let her master solo sex first, as doing so will let her know the certain touches and rubs that will make her climax. Be that good husband or boyfriend and support her little self-exploration.

  2. Doggie-style it in bed – this angle will let your penis hit her G-spot and allow you to penetrate really deep. As you thrust, she can squeeze her PC muscles, the same one used for holding pee or for Kegel exercises. It will introduce friction that’s nothing less than magical for the two of you.

  3. Have her breathe deeply during lovemaking, as it will help her block out her external environment, relax, and maximize her pleasure potential. Kiss her and then enter her right afterwards for her to return to pleasure kingdom.

  4. Have her get on top of you during sex. It will allow her to control the depth and speed, and the act of reaching down and touching herself. She’ll thank you for broaching the idea of the cowgirl position.

  5. Have her fantasize again once she feels like losing the big O. Prior to sex, introduce this idea to her – close her eyes, and imagine that fantasy scene that’s her favorite when getting off.

  6. Stroke her quickly and penetrate her fast. This will make her more sensitive. However, slow it down afterwards for the body to fully enjoy the show.

  7. Whisper a kinky play-by-play in bed into her ear, building anticipation and driving her nuts in the process!

What have you done lately to help her achieve the real O and not just put on a show?