Quick Guide to Unforgettable First-Time Sex

May 29, 2015

Your first could be something really special – but only if you heed these tips to stay safe and keep it pleasurable. We have not encountered a first-time sex guidebook all our lives, which means we relied nearly completely on our instincts and what little sex education we had in school and at home when it was our turn for a banging good time. So let’s do a recap of these lessons we’ve learned from that proverbial first time.

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  1. Safety comes first. Uphold this principle because the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is a real danger. Be proactive in seeking the protection you and your partner deserve.

  2. Relax. Sure, it sounds like it’s easier said than done, but breathe long and deep to help you let go and dispel the unnecessary tension.

  3. Manage your expectations. You are not obliged to experience the best sex ever on your first attempt. Take the lessons and mistakes as they come, and try your best to avoid them the next time around.

  4. Take time to do the foreplay. This will pave the way and partly determine the rest of the sex. Do not be too focused on the penetration; instead, kiss, touch, and foreplay your way to pleasure with a bit of an adventure here and there.

  5. Speak your mind – and listen. Tell her what works for you and what doesn’t, and solicit thoughts and ideas from her as well.  She may be more at ease once you are able to communicate these things in a respectful (yet a little naughty) way.

  6. Seek proper arousal for the two of you. Turn her on right, and make sure she is lubricated enough for you to enter her easily. There may be challenges if it’s her first time as well, but don’t get too pressured; keep water-based lube on standby.

  7. Do something nice post-coitus. Appreciate her efforts by giving her kisses, caressing her with affection, or whispering sweet nothings after the main event. It will not only verify how much of a great you are, but also improve your chances of getting laid again – sooner than later!

Do you have your own tips for having unforgettable first-time sex? Ours was one for the books, and we hope yours was or will be, too!