Sex Mistakes You’re Committing

November 1, 2022

There are so many mistakes that both men and women make in bed that we can stay up all night discussing them. But let’s focus on men’s problem areas and perhaps a word or two on how you can avoid them.

Sex Mistakes You’re Committing

  1. Going too fast. Sex is not a race, so take your time with her and enjoying those moments of passion and intimacy. A quickie is a quickie, sure, but if it you climbed into bed with her with enough time, focus, and attention, then make sure you’ll both remember the pleasure, not the rush.

  2. Pursuing your girl only in bed. Make sex and its general warmth and heat felt throughout the day: send her romantic notes and texts, let her know you desire her while she’s at work.

  3. Not speaking up. Tell her the things you like and initiate an open conversation, so you will also learn her peeves and preferences.

  4. Not being hygienic or nice-smelling. This is a cardinal rule: be and smell clean. No one wants to make love with someone who appears to have skipped a good bath for days.

  5. Doing it orally too soon or not at all. By all means, go south and show her how gifted your tongue is. But she needs to be properly aroused beforehand, so focus on her whole body first. Don’t forget or neglect to do it, too, because there’s a high likelihood you’ll earn her wrath.

  6. Ignoring the needs of the clitoris. It’s not penetration all the damn time that gives her orgasm. Play with her clitoris and let it lead her to her maximum sexual peak.

  7. Missing other erogenous zones, which include her breasts, nipples, and genitals. Don’t forget stimulating her brain, too!

  8. Being selfish. By all means, score for yourself but remember to consider her pleasure and follow her lead as well.

  9. Disregarding her fantasies. While they are not as expressive as you are, all women have an erotic side waiting to be tapped. Entertain her explicit fantasies to probe this area.

  10. Mistaking her for a porn star. It’s one thing to have fantasies, but it’s entirely another to go so far out that you think as if she’s starring in an adult flick. She’s not an object who will follow every demand you have, so take it easy with playing director.

  11. Stopping at one round! Even if she has had one mindblowing orgasm, it’s not reason to stop and rule out the possibility of a second round. Explore other was to please her and keep her in the game.