Tips to Boost Her Confidence for More Sex

June 8, 2015

Tips to Boost Her Confidence for More Sex

Make confidence the ultimate aphrodisiac in your relationship. It is very important that your lady feels good about herself, her body, and her actions, which will fuel her desires and make her more engaged and interested in lovemaking. Here are some smooth moves from Men’s Health to boost her confidence and make her crave you even more.

One technique is dinner with friends. Brag about your ladylove and publicly admire her and her accomplishments. In the words of psychologist Tina Tessina, PhD, show her that “you consider yourself lucky to be in her league.” Follow it all up with a more personal compliment during private moments. It will dispel any notion that you are merely showing off your husband or partner skills.

Another way is when you’re stumped by a problem, ask her opinion and not her advice. If you ask for the latter, she will likely feel maternal, which is different from sexy. Ask her what she feels or things, or solicit her thoughts on what you should do.

Never agree to disagree, which shuts down communication and hardly resolves anything. Women, too, are found in studies to be more likely to resolve conflict through collaboration than men are. Her comfort level in communicating with you will translate to her confidence in your relationship.

Touch  her non-sexually as well. It will make her more satisfied in your relationship when you show physical affection in a non-sexual manner. The strategy: rest your hand a few inches above her knee – close enough to inhabit intimate space but not explicitly sexual.

Finally, keep her happy, including fixing past mistakes and making an effort even when she is already in a good mood. Recall the focal point of your last few fights and change your behavior as if attempting to make up for those mistakes. Now is a great time to pull a good surprise or take her out to a special romantic dinner.