Top 5 Surefire Ways To Make a Woman Drooling Over You

October 18, 2022

Not every guy owns a handsome face, sports a buff body, or has wit or humor that make women swoon. Even these seemingly bankable qualities, too, do not guarantee that you will attract the object of your affection. So what to do now?

Unknown to many guys, trying too hard is not the key. In fact, the opposite appears to work like a charm, drawing attention and interest to you and your person waiting to be discovered. Let her curiosity build up and get her closer to you – these tips are a real gem.

Top 5 Surefire Ways to Attract a Woman

  • Act with pure confidence. Move with ease, keep your cool, and be confident. While this appears contrary to the humility that’s often promoted to catch women’s attention, being confident is a demonstration of your ability to be calm and composed during crisis and times of adversity.

  • Wear red. Various colors say various things about you, and consistent with the color red are romance, fire, and yes, sex. The color draws women to men (and even the other way around). Red influences attraction, the very prize you are setting your sight on.

  • Keep your voice deep and your chin up. Okay, so how does this improve our chances of attracting that girl? A study shows that women pay close attention to certain things as indicator of your abilities. A deep, dominant voice is said to be a “strong predictor” of the number of sexual partners you’ve had – all right, easy now – and simply attracts that lass you’ve been eyeing for some time now. Add to this your face titled up, which is judged to be more masculine.

  • Avoid certain topics in the conversation. Mundane subjects like work, politics, or negative issues will dampen the sexy spirit. Don’t go for interview-type questions, too, such as “Where you from?” Instead, go into slightly dangerous territory, feeding off a robust energy. Try what’s light, funny, and truly engaging. Remember the power of words and conversation, brother.

  • Give her less power. Did you know that once a woman notice she has the power in the relationship, she will lose interest in no time? Sure, make someone feel wanted and desired, but you may want to keep your options open as well and date other women while you’re at it. Try to make her see that you are worth the trouble of thinking – and she’ll wonder how she’ll end up victorious.