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How ErectZan’s Incredible Formula of Potent Herbs Works to Enlarge Your Penis

Erection Physiology

Approximately 40% of men have experienced a problem performing in bed by the time they reach 65 and 90% of all men experience some form of sexual problems in their life. In fact, it is now said that 1 in 10 men now suffer from erection problems as a result of workplace stress alone!

An erection occurs when the muscles in the penis are relaxed and can then fill with excess blood fed by the arteries. At the same time, drainage of the blood through the veins is blocked -- the combination of these two actions provide a successful erection.

Sexual problems occurs when the muscles in the penis contract and stop the inflow of blood, while drainage of the blood through the veins opens up.

Our formula allows the necessary arteries in the penis to relax. During arousal these relaxed arteries pump a substantial increase of blood flow into the Corpora Cavernosum (the chambers of your penis that swell and firm to create your erection).

An important part of the process to achieve a successful erection involves the release of Nitric Oxide into the Corpus Cavernosum. Once Nitric Oxide is in the Corpus Cavernosum, increased levels occur which lead to ‘Smooth Muscle’ relaxation in the Corpus Cavernosum. This Smooth Muscle relaxation causes an increase of blood flow which creates the erection.

What makes this formula so powerful is that it is a potent inhibitor which heightens the Smooth Muscle relaxation and causes increased blood flow to the Corpus Cavernosum….which creates hard and long lasting erections.

Weak erection, lack of sexual stamina, and slow recovery after ejaculation, affect all men at some point. Prescription products can remedy such problems but also create their own problems. Most men who have used a chemical prescription know that they can cause dizziness, blood-shot eyes, heart palpations, severe headaches, stuffy nose, and other harmful side effects. Erectzan is all natural and will help increase the libido by effectively removing blockages in the arteries to promote enhanced blood flow to the penis, without the worry of damaging side effects.

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