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  • Testozan - 1 Month

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    Testozan 1 Month Supply - Starter Pack
    Initial results include:
    • Slight elevated Testosterone
    • Elevated Libido
    • Boosts ATP Levels and feel more Energized
  • Testozan - 2 Months + 1 Month Free + Free Shipping (Domestic)

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    Testozan 3 Month Supply - Most Popular!
    Ongoing results include:
    • Clinically proven to significantly increase serum testosterone levels after 90 days
    • Elevated ATP Levels and feel more Energized
    • Increased stamina and libido
  • Testozan - 3 Months + 2 Months Free

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    Testozan 5 Month Supply - Best Value!
    Near-maximum results include:
    • Clinically proven: Cumulative benefits of Testozan significantly increase serum testosterone levels
    • Elevated ATP Levels and feel more Energized
    • Elevated stamina and libido
    • Feel like a younger you
  • Erectzan and Testozan - 1 Month

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    Erectzan & Testozan 1 Month Supply - Easy Starter and Best Combo!
    Initial results include:
    • Boost in libido, sexual energy, desire and stamina
    • More satisfying erections
    • Slight elevated Testosterone
    • Boosts ATP Levels and feel more Energized
  • Erectzan and Testozan - 2 Months + 1 Month Free + Free Shipping (Domestic)

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    Erectzan & Testozan 3 Month Supply - Most Popular and Best Combo!
    Ongoing results include:
    • More satisfying erections
    • More satisfying sex partners
    • Clinically proven to significantly increase serum testosterone levels after 90 days
    • Elevated ATP Levels and feel more Energized
    • Increased stamina and libido
  • Erectzan and Testozan - 3 Months + 2 Months Free

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    Erectzan & Testozan 5 Month Supply - Best Value, Best Combo!
    Near-maximum results include:
    • Cumulative benefits of Erectzan providing harder and more satisfying erections
    • New sexual confidence and energy
    • Obvious change in your sexual relationship
    • Clinically proven: Cumulative benefits of Testozan significantly increase serum testosterone levels
    • Elevated ATP Levels and feel more Energized
    • Elevated stamina and libido
    • Feel like a younger you


Featuring Shilajit extract and a variety of other powerful natural ingredients, Testozan is among the best testosterone-boosting supplements on the market today.  This highly effective supplement contains SHILAJIT EXTRACT (PRIMAVIE®)  at its core, which boosts the synthesis of ATP by working on the cellular level. Increased levels of ATP help to boost energy, which gives you the stamina you need to push through even the most intense workouts, and most importantly elevate your libido and sexual desire. 

In addition to enhancing and increasing testosterone, this supplement helps to lower cortisol levels while increasing strength and power. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better way to boost testosterone. You can take Testozan by itself or combine with the most power male enhancement supplement on the market today, Erectzan.  This powerful combo (Erectzan + Testozan) will make you feel like a younger you, with more power, libido, stamina, and harder, longer erections. 


New Testozan Advanced Formula

Testosterone is a divine gift given to men and Testozan does represent the platinum standard of testosterone enhancement in the male enhancement industry. Testozan substantially increases testosterone and also provides a powerful adaptogenic and ergogenic support and supercharged sex drive. Scientifically formulated to target effectively several key pathways, Testozan helps you achieving your goals by:

  • Increasing TOTAL and FREE testosterone
  • Lowering CORTISOL
  • Supercharging ATP
  • Increasing POWER and STRENGTH


Testozan raises the bar in the Testosterone-enhancement arena.

The SCIENCE behind BioForge REVEALED: We're glad to introduce our first superstar....PRIMAVIE® Shilajit, a herbomineral drug, contains ample amounts of fulvic acid and mineral constituents. The fulvic acid stimulates blood formation, energy production, and enhances Testosterone secretion. It actively takes part in the transportation of nutrients into deep tissues and helps to overcome tiredness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue. Shilajit also enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. It also works effectively as a tonic for cardiac, gastric, and nervous systems, adaptogen and antistress agent. Being an excellent source of nutrients, it's used as a tonic and helps in the better utilization of food. It stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin and maintains an equilibrium of catabolism and muscle building in the body.

In light of Shilajit's tremendous medicinal potential, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it can be a panacea for all human ailments and Nature's wonderful gift to mankind. Its effects also include activation of muscle building processes in different organs and tissues. Experimental investigations showed that shilajit extract accelerated processes of protein and nucleic acid synthesis, stimulated the energy-providing reactions in liver, and promoted transportation of nutrients into muscle tissues. Studies on its myotropic properties made it possible to use shilajit extract in elite Russian military and sports establishments for nearly 4 decades for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers.

Testozan Benefits

  • Improves male sexual function and increases libido and sexual performance in a natural way.
  • Measurable significant improvement in testosterone level.
  • Increases fertility and even sperm count.
  • A natural anti-oxidant that promotes cellular respiration, containing more than 85 minerals in their ionic form, keeping the diseases away and the immune system strong.
  • improves recovery after a workout, increases stamina, improves physical weakness, and brain functioning.
  • promotes natural strength gain as well as muscle mass.
  • maintains healthy levels on glucose thus keeping diabetes in check.
  • Contains Anti-inflammatory properties that addresses tissue damage and thus accelerates healing.
  • Boosts overall immune system
  • No Unpleasant Side Effects (Yohimbe Free)
  • Safe & Scientifically formulated with ONLY natural herbal nutrients
  • Clinically proven results. Click to see Clinically proven results
  • No prescription needed
  • Discreet Shipping/Billing & Quick & Easy Ordering
  • Industry leading 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

PRIMAVIE® Shilajit Extract

PrimaViei a proprietary form of Shilajit.  Shilajit is a powerful rejuvenator and general health tonic • Shilajit scavenges for free radicals thereby halting the aging process • Shilajit boosts the immune system • Shilajit optimizes physical performance • Shilajit enhances rehabilitation of muscle, bones and nerves • Shilajit helps acclimatize to newer environmental and climatic conditions • Shilajit is a powerful aphrodisiac • Shilajit has been recently proven to increase Testosterone in healthy subjects • Shilajit increases hemoglobin • Shilajit is a powerful ATP booster

Natreon Inc.'s patented ingredient, PrimaVie®, is a purified and standardized shilajit extract for nutraceutical use to help revitalize the body and mind. PrimaVie® is standardized to have not less than 60% fulvic acid and equivalents with high levels of dibenzo-α-pyrones and dibenzo-α-pyrone chromoproteins. These levels of bioactive constituents are not available in any other shilajit on the market today; they represent years of research to develop the manufacturing process and quality assurance tests needed to ensure their promised availability. PrimaVie® also works at the cellular level, playing a direct role in the synthesis of ATP, a compound that supplies the body with ample energy, and healthy mitochondrial function. 


Advantages of PrimaVie:

  • It’s an all natural ingredient in its purest form.
  • It’s been used for centuries, so it’s 100% safe
  • Scientific studies are being conducted to determine how effective it really is in boosting testosterone and energy (Please see Clinical Study)


Ashwagandha Root Powder

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a herbal supplement (commonly root powder or extract) widely used in the Indian herbal medicine, aka. Ayurveda.  It’s considered to be an “adaptogen”, which is a term coined by Russian scientist to describe a herb that helps the body regain hormonal and psychological balance (homeostasis) in times of stress.  Ashwagandha actually has some pretty solid scientific evidence behind its claimed adaptogenic benefits. Since ashwagandha is an adaptogen, it should reduce stress, anxiety, and balance stress hormones (mainly cortisol). Multiple double-blind studies have come to conclusions: ashwagandha supplementation consistently reduces cortisol levels and improves many stress-related symptoms.  One of the more recent studies published this year (non-sponsored, double-blind, placebo, peer-reviewed, aka. highly reliable kind) found out that ashwagandga significantly increased muscle strength and recovery in 57 young male subjects  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26609282.  In the same 57 young male subjects study, it also showed a significant ~15% increase in testosterone levels (average rise from 630 ng/dL to 726 ng/dL, which is a lot from a single herb).


Boron is an Anti-Estrogen Mineral Also Found To Lower SHBG Naturally.  Several studies have shown that boron increases free testosterone and serum DHT levels in your body. Not only that, but boron even acts as an anti-estrogen, and also decreases sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels [2]. SHBG binds free testosterone in the bloodstream and effectively disables it from acting as an androgen.


Zinc Picolinate promotes proper immune, nerve, and muscle function growth and development. Recently zinc has been studied to help with eye, prostate, skin, and hair health as well as boost both total and free testosterone. The bioavailability of zinc to the body has always been in question. Just how much does get into the body after digestion? Due to many factors like poor digestion due to age or intestinal disease, finding zinc that can be absorbed easier is very important. Zinc Picolinate has been studied and observed to be more absorbably than regular zinc and recommended for those who have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is also a mild aromatase inhibitor (allowing for a better testosterone/estrogen ratio) and its action is crucial for androgen receptor binding in muscle tissue and sexual function.

Testozan reviews

  1. Craig C. - General physician
    There isn’t a shortage of testosterone enhancers on the market today, and I generally advise my patients and friends to look at three areas: quality, potency, and safety. What would truly be highly effective is a supplement that covers all three and operates on the mechanisms that allow users to obtain maximum benefits.

    What would probably represent the gold standard of testosterone boost for sexual enhancement and sports nutrition provides potent adaptogenic and ergogenic support, as well as mounts a supercharged sex drive every time. It can help you meet your key goals through increasing both total and free testosterone, lowering cortisol, supercharging your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for energy improvement, and increasing overall power and strength. This sounds like a tall order, but given the right mix of ingredients and absorption power these can be achieved with prudent supplementation. I recommend Testozan for all these benefits mentioned – I haven’t seen a lot of relative newcomers perform this satisfactorily with key safety standards in place.
  2. Tyler E. - Baby Boomer
    I’m a Baby Boomer and I put a premium on the quality of lovemaking over quantity at this age. Of course, I can feel aging taking its toll on my body and systems, so I’m actively pursuing whatever that will make my manhood more robust, healthier, so that I can feel more often in the mood for action at this stage of life.

    Testozan is a bit of a surprise for me. It kind of drew me in with its comprehensive natural ingredient list and range of potential benefits. I think it covers practically all areas of sexual functioning that I’m looking for, from a testostrone and libido increase to a naturally healthy, graceful sexual performance. I like it too that the Erectzan pill gives a bit of girth enhancement, which I saw from a couple of weeks of use onwards. I think Erectzan + Testozan is the ultimate combo for me. 
  3. Joseph M. - 34-year-old male
    I do high-intensity interval training and swim and jog regularly, and that puts me in a position of consistent strength, energy, and satisfactory libido levels. But I wanna make sure my wife and I are in that sweet spot of being able to enjoy sex and make babies real soon. So yeah I tried Testozan as recommended by a friend. Here is how it fared for me:

    The pros: at first I like the price point; the packaging; the one-a-day formula, which won’t make me scramble to take one during several inconvenient times during the day; and how it highlights the importance of boosting testosterone levels in the body. It’s not exactly at a rock-bottom price but it surely brings plenty to the table, from the promise of higher libido and sexual function to better post-exercise recovery and muscle mass improvement. It takes time to see these results but so far I haven’t been left underwhelmed: I feel stronger, recover better after working out, and having optimum libido and energy in the sack.

    The cons: if there’s one I could think of it’s that Testozan could be better presented to testosterone boost seekers like me, given that there’s a great deal of competition out there. It should highlight the sexual and overall wellness benefits equally since they're all there as I proceed into the eighth week of my supplementation. Not only I feel stronger, more in tune with my wife’s youthful vigor, and more exercise-ready – I also get to enjoy enhanced sexual experience that placebo-like pills typically do not offer.


  1. I typically had no problems with my testosterone until I hit my late thirties, when my T levels naturally declined at a rather surprising annual rate. I’ve had tests and my dietary habits and lifestyle are consistently in line with health goals and sexual satisfaction. So when the hormone decline hit me I was sort of panicking and didn’t know whether I would medicate right away or explore other sound means to up my numbers. Thanks to Testozan, I’m able to overcome this challenge – my testosterone count is steadily improving and I couldn’t ask for another natural intervention.  - Roger L.  San Francisco 
  2. Testozan is the third brand of testosterone enhancer that I’ve tried in the last 14 months and it’s not a far cry from the natural and Ayurvedic remedies that I’ve also previously used. Since taking it I have definitely noticed a decrease in the time and challenge that it takes for me to get it up and really just perform well in bed. It’s not perfect but I’m convinced it’s safe and goes well with my Erectzan regimen.  - Larry T. Denver
  3. Taking the supplement for more than a month now, I think energy and muscle mass improvements are really pronounced. I take clues from how I’ve been feeling: I feel unbelievably robust, potent, and lasting much longer in bed. - Jay T. Seattle 
  4. I’ve been using Testozan for ‘round 8 weeks now and my wife was surprised not only at my stamina, but later on noticed how I’ve become more engaged in our bedroom as well.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with the price and overall value for my money. - Don B. Chicago 
  5. I tried Testozan mostly because of the price, purported benefits, and ease of ordering and access that I don’t usually find with other testosterone supplement stores online. I like it that's 100% natural and it has Shilajit, and it has clinical study to back up its claims.  It really worked for me.  Thanks guys for giving me a new sex life!  - Richard M. Cleveland
  6. Sex used to have a massive toll on my body and mind and usually happened once in a blue moon; now it’s a regular thing because I’m able to satisfy the physical, mental, and physiological requirements that I’d otherwise fail to meet due to my relatively sedentary lifestyle and aging per se. Testozan is therefore nothing short of a miracle for avid supplement fans like myself!  - Jerry G. Dallas 
  7. If a couple of months ago anyone told me I’m going to need a testosterone booster I would’ve laughed at his face and pointed out my age and general wellbeing. Having introduced to it by my GP girlfriend, I realized Testozan has helped me exercise and recover from it better and faster (I lift weights regularly), as well as not lose the sexual energy and potency typically wiped out by stress, and physical and mental fatigue. Thanks guys for helping me bring my A-game to the bedroom. - Seth T. Sacramento 
  8. I tried Testozan and so far I’m happy and satisfied.  It really does work, and the longer you use it, the more you will feel it. I went to my doctor after 21 weeks of usage, and my doctor recorded the increase in T level.  So I know it's true.  Great buy ever!  -  Jay P.  Avon