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  • ErectZan - 1 Month

    Retail: $49.97

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    $42.47 (Save $7.50)

    One-time Purchase
    Erectzan 1 Month Supply - Starter Pack
    Initial results include:
    • Boost in libido, sexual energy, desire and stamina
    • More satisfying erections
  • ErectZan - 2 Months + 1 Month Free + Free Shipping (Domestic)

    Retail: $149.94

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    Erectzan 3 Month Supply - Most Popular!
    Ongoing results include:
    • More satisfying erections
    • More satisfying sex partners
  • Erectzan - 3 Months + 2 Months Free

    Retail: $249.85

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    Erectzan 5 Month Supply - Best Value!
    Near-maximum results include:
    • Cumulative benefits of Erectzan providing harder and more satisfying erections
    • New sexual confidence and energy
    • Obvious change in your sexual relationship