These 4 Things Practically Ensure Marvelous Erections

July 22, 2015

Let’s face the fact that it’s not a porn party every day for men. You can be hounded by problems in your erections – in the hardness, size, and general vitality and strength – as caused by a variety of factors. You could be stressed out, undergoing relationship problems, and lack the zest for lovemaking. And poor erections are a real bummer not only for you, but for your partner in sex who is likely anticipating fireworks ahead.

So what do you need to stay potent and have a pleasurable erection and sexual experience? Here are four fundamental things you need to consider – they are your basic requirements for a blessed erection:

These 4 Things Practically Ensure Marvelous Erections

  1. Optimal testosterone levels – This primary male sex hormone plays an integral role in libido or sex drive, both in men and women. Low levels can decrease your ability to have sexual satisfaction or even get an erection started.

  2. Normal pituitary functioning – Note that hormones secreted from your pituitary gland help control the functions of your sex organ, whether you are a man or woman. Consult your doctor about your pituitary and endocrine functions, or the general health and condition of your hormones in the body.

  3. Responsive emotional state – Your mood or state of mind should be conducive to healthy erection and sexual intercourse. Depression, sex and relationship problems, and other emotional issues can affect your sexual performance, as the excitement starts in your head. Seek therapy or counseling as an effective remedy for chronic conditions.

  4. Adequate blood supply in the penis – During sexual arousal, your brain sends nerve impulses that increase penile blood flow. The blood fills your corpora cavernosa or spongy chambers in the penis, causing its expansion and rigidity. Blood flow should be ensured to sustain a favorable erection environment.

It wouldn’t hurt to explore natural male enhancement, on top of introducing health and lifestyle changes, to remedy any problem in your erections and sexual functioning.